Thursday, 25 February 2016

The books

I came to school and then the bell rang. I went into class and the teacher said that there were lots of books that were going to be thrown out but we wanted to save them. Then we came up with lots of ideas to save them and then the helper asked the Principal if we could keep then and send them to somewhere. He said we could. We went to see the books and When I saw them I wanted to go on a reading rampage. These are the books I got.

. The Borrowers Afloat
. Rhythm Rhymes
. Don’t Forget Matilda
. Old Devil wind
. The Second-Floor Cat
. The Magic Brush
. Electric mazes
. Aranea
. Light
. The Party
. Space snacks

I got most of them because I wanted to give them to my sister Niamh because she has just started school. The ones I like are Light and Electric mazes. I chose them because I like science and mazes. When we were walking back to class I struggled to carry them all. As we walked in we had to name them all so we wouldn't lose them. I then wrote this story about the books. I hope you liked It Elijah.

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