Friday, 14 October 2016


Brrrrrrrrrr went the horn. I sprinted along the track I became tired and walked some of the way until a punch of adrenaline hit me and past the finish line.

“one more lap to go” I said to myself. I stumbled and past the creek and pushed to the finish line the crowd roared as I did so.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross Country

Leg muscles pumping
Feet sinking
Mud flicking
legs burning
heart pumping

Almost there.
Can’t quit now.
Finish line is right there.
One more lap.

Looking for competitors.
Rival in site .
Run faster.
Run faster.
Arms pumping.
You can do this.
You can do this.
And passed

Must get there.
Don’t  give up.
Body numb.
Mind buzzing.
Thank gosh for the finish line.

I finished my last lap.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The sleepover!!!
(With some comedy twists)

In the school holidays I went to Charlie’s house for a sleepover. I arrived at the door and knocked TAP, TAP, TAP!!!!! The door opened and I walked in. I saw Charlie but he was different. He was, wait for it ...a cheeseburger! So I walked in and took a huge bite out of him. “Tasty”, I said with a grin. He took me into the lounge and his family were burgers too! I said “hi” and put my bags down.

We decided to watch crazy russian hacker on YouTube (aka a crazy Russian guy who does life hacks and says BOOM in every video). And then we made our own version - we smashed a banana that was made of cheese we went back inside and showed the other burgers. They laughed so loudly and I could not resist, so, when they weren’t looking, I snuck up behind and opened my mouth as wide as I could and gobbled the other burgers up until all that was left were some crumbs.
I heard my mum coming so I got my bag and then when I got out the door to say goodbye, I ate him. I ate Charlie! I walked to the car and my mum said, “did you have a good time?” and I said “yes”.  Then she asked me, “what did you eat?” and I said “THEM”!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Mountain Valley Camp Moment In Time 2016

Suddenly we pull over in mountain valley camp I get out of the car and the first thing I here is the
amazing sound of the river and smelt the fresh water flowing downstream. Oliver, Charlie and I set up the tent and put our gear in. The first  activity was rafting we got our wetsuit on and walked down to the bus we got in and sat down the bus stunk of dirt but I got use to it. It was extremely bumpy at one point I thought the bus was going to tip. We pulled up and the guides gave us safety gear and told us how to hold the ores and  how to hold on and also how to paddle. We got in the raft and set off. The guide kept saying “FORWARD PADDLE FORWARD” PADDLE!!!! Then I saw the first set rapids. We held on and swooshed down ahhhhhhhhhh everyone screamed.  An hour later of more rapids and laughter we passed another raft  and screamed “see you later chicken nuggets!!!!” We stopped to have lunch and got into our rafts we once again set off and we started paddling the guide let us have a quick swim and then swim back to our raft. We paddled and paddled and came to a stop we were aloud to jump off a big rock and splash into the water. We got in the raft and then and paddled  and paddled  and finally we stopped and got out it was so where'd stepping on dry land. We played a game and I lost first  round. We got back on the bus and drove back. We got out of our damp wetsuits and had some food. We went glow worming and then had dinner we got into our pyjamas and went to bed and that was only the first night.