Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The sleepover!!!
(With some comedy twists)

In the school holidays I went to Charlie’s house for a sleepover. I arrived at the door and knocked TAP, TAP, TAP!!!!! The door opened and I walked in. I saw Charlie but he was different. He was, wait for it ...a cheeseburger! So I walked in and took a huge bite out of him. “Tasty”, I said with a grin. He took me into the lounge and his family were burgers too! I said “hi” and put my bags down.

We decided to watch crazy russian hacker on YouTube (aka a crazy Russian guy who does life hacks and says BOOM in every video). And then we made our own version - we smashed a banana that was made of cheese we went back inside and showed the other burgers. They laughed so loudly and I could not resist, so, when they weren’t looking, I snuck up behind and opened my mouth as wide as I could and gobbled the other burgers up until all that was left were some crumbs.
I heard my mum coming so I got my bag and then when I got out the door to say goodbye, I ate him. I ate Charlie! I walked to the car and my mum said, “did you have a good time?” and I said “yes”.  Then she asked me, “what did you eat?” and I said “THEM”!

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